How to Use a Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are amazing sex toys that can totally transform your sex life. They can help you to maintain an erection, keep you going longer in bed and enhance the pleasure for both you and your partner. While penis sleeves are very simple to use, they can still be a little confusing the first time you put one on. 

To help get you started, here is our easy-to-follow guide on how to use a penis sleeve.

1. Make Sure the Penis Sleeve Fits

The first important thing is to make sure you have a penis sleeve that fits you correctly. If the penis sleeve is too small then you won’t be able to get it on while if it is too big then it will be too loose during sex. Remember that your penis sleeve needs to be big enough for your erect penis so keep that in mind when choosing. If in doubt, follow our guide on how to measure yourself correctly for a new penis sleeve.

2. Put the Penis Sleeve On

Once you have the right size sleeve, the next step is to put it on your penis. The easiest way to do this if with an erect penis but if that is not possible, a semi-erect penis or flaccid penis is doable. Many penis sleeves have holes for your balls or other attachments to keep it in place even if you are not fully erect so look for one of these sleeves if you have trouble with maintaining an erection.

3. Use Lube if Necessary

Once the penis sleeve is ON, it is now time to put it IN. This is not exactly rocket science so we don’t need to explain the process. One thing that you may need to consider, however, is whether to use lube. This can not only make insertion easier (especially if you are wearing a penis extender sleeve) but can also make sex more pleasurable. Choosing the right lube is very important when it comes to silicone penis sleeves because silicone lube will actually wear down their surfaces. If you are using a silicone penis sleeve, use a water- or oil-based lubricant.

4. Do your thing!

After that, it’s all down to you! Penis or cock sleeves are designed to use just like the real thing so again no explanation is needed. Your penis sleeve may have special features like a vibration function or a textured surface in which case it is time to experiment. If you are new to wearing a penis sleeve, just relax and be patient and you will soon start to reap all those kinky benefits!

We hope this guide has helped to answer any questions you had about using a penis sleeve. After all, the last thing you want to do is to be fumbling around with a penis sleeve when it’s time for action. The most important things are to make sure the penis sleeve fits well initially and to use lube if necessary. After that, it should all come naturally. Have fun!