How Will My Partner Feel about the Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves are designed to provide a range of sexual benefits from helping with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction to adding size to your penis and enhancing sexual pleasure. Both men and their partners get huge satisfaction from penis sleeves but broaching the topic of wearing one can be a bit daunting. Some men worry that their partner will think it is strange or even that they will feel inadequate about their man needing to wear one. 

So how can you discuss wearing a penis sleeve with your partner? And how are they likely to react? Let’s take a closer look.

Preparing the Conversation 

Before you speak to your partner, think about what you are going to say. The most important thing is to explain to your partner exactly why you want to wear a penis sleeve. Do you have an issue with erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction? Do you want to add some extra length or girth to your penis because you are insecure or because you think your partner will enjoy it? Being able to explain your reasons will help your partner to understand where you are coming from.

Timing the Conversation Right

Choosing the right time to discuss your penis sleeve with your partner is also very important. You don’t just want to whip it out during foreplay completely unannounced. Talk to your partner when neither of you is busy such as during a meal or while you are watching TV on the sofa. This will allow you both to give each other your full attention for a full and frank conversation.

What to Expect from your Partner’s Reaction

There is no way to predict what your partner’s reaction will be because everyone is different. In most cases, however, people are very understanding and appreciative of their partners opening up to them. Particularly if there is an issue such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, your partner will already be aware of your reasons and will likely be pleased that you are trying out new solutions.

What to do Next

Once your partner is on board, the best thing to do is to involve them in the experience as much as possible. Browse our range of exciting sleeves together, we recommend our vibrating penis sleeve range, and take turns choosing different sleeves to experiment with. Remember that as well as helping with any erection or premature erection conditions, penis sleeves can also provide enhanced pleasure both for you and your partner so this experimentation can be a whole lot of fun!

As you can see, discussing your penis sleeve with your partner is very important, with the reality often far less scary than the expectation. Most partners will understand your reasons and will even be excited to give something new a go. The most important thing is that you are open and honest at all times. This will help your partner to feel more comfortable so you can explore penis sleeve play together.