Collection: Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are some of the most versatile multi-functional sex toys and accessories on the market. They can be worn for a whole host of reasons including preventing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and making your penis longer and more girthier. For many people, however, a vibrating sleeve is about one thing and one thing only: enhanced pleasure!

There are many ways that a penis sleeve can make your sex life more pleasurable. First of all they can help you last longer which is always a good thing! They can also add serious size to your cock which will give your partner a more fulfilling (and filling) experience! But most importantly, different penis sleeves come with various features which are designed specifically for pleasure enhancement. 

A vibrating penis sleeve is one the best sex devices for spicing things up in the bedroom. It is worn over the penis like a condom but provides similar erotic vibes to a standard vibrator. Vibrating cock sleeves send waves of vibrations both through your cock and into your partner so you can both enjoy its benefits.

At Penis Plug UK, we are massive fans of vibrating penis sleeves and they are some of our customers’ favourite products. We have a range of different vibrating sleeves which can really help you to take your sex to another dimension.

The great thing about vibrating penis sleeves is that they come in a diverse range of colours and designs and with a variety of different features. We have vibrating sleeves with different textures shafts for additional stimulation as well as vibrating extender sleeves for adding length and girth to your manhood.

While the penis sleeve itself is waterproof, it is important to note that the vibrating part of the sleeve isn’t. However, if you want to wear your sleeve in the shower or bath, you can simply remove the vibrator and use it like a regular non-vibrating penis sleeve.

Our vibrating penis sleeves are easy to use, fit snugly over your penis and are super comfortable to wear. They are made from the highest-quality materials and will last you years of vibing fun if you take proper care of them. This means cleaning your penis sleeve before and after use and using the right lube. Most importantly, you should never use a silicone-based lube with a silicone penis sleeve as it will corrode the surface of the toy and make it more susceptible to bacteria. 

As with all vibrating toys, a vibrating penis sleeve can be used for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal and anal sex. It can also help to keep your penis stimulated which can be a useful aid if you have any issues with maintaining an erection during sex. Most of all, vibrating penis sleeves are just really fun toys and are must-have items for every sex toy collection.

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