How do I Measure Myself for a Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves are becoming more and more popular as men around the world are beginning to understand their benefits. From helping to keep you hard and last longer in bed to adding new inches to your penis and orgasms for you and your partner, penis sleeves are versatile, effective and a whole lot of fun! To get the most out of your penis plug, it is very important that you have the right size. This will ensure that you are able to get it on and that it feels comfortable and pleasurable. 

To help you avoid any purchase mistakes, here is a simple guide to measuring yourself for a new penis sleeve.

1. Get the Right Measuring Equipment

The first thing you need to do is get the right measuring tools to size up your manhood. The best options is a soft tape measure because it is flexible and will wrap around your penis. If you don’t have one, you can also use a shoelace or a length of string and a plastic ruler. 

2. Measure the Girth of Your Penis

Measuring the girth of your penis is very simple. First of all, get your penis hard (or as close to hard as possible) and then take your tape measure or string and wrap it around your penis. To get the best measurement, you should wrap it around the midpoint of your penis shaft. If you are buying a harder penis sleeve then don’t wrap the tape measure too tight because you will need a millimetre or two to fit the penis sleeve on your manhood. However, if you are buying a softer penis sleeve, you can buy one for a more snug fit.

3. Measure the Length of Your Penis

The next step is to measure the full length of your manhood when erect. Again this is very simple. Just measure from the base to the tip and you will get an accurate reading. As some penis sleeves are used as an extender, the length measurement is not as important as the girth but you still need it to choose the right penis extender sleeve.

4. Choose the Right Size Penis Sleeve

Once you have your penis measurements, it is time for the fun part: penis sleeve shopping! Penis Sleeve UK has a huge number of different penis sleeves in a range of sizes. When browsing our collection, pay attention to the length of the penis sleeve and, most importantly, the size of the girth whole (the opening to the sleeve). This will enable you to choose the perfect size penis sleeve to guarantee both a perfect fit and a whole lot of penis sleeve pleasure!

Measuring yourself correctly for a penis sleeve is very important but it is also incredibly straightforward. Having the right size sleeve makes all the difference so take your time and get it right. Follow this easy guide and you will have the perfect measurements to choose the right penis sleeve.